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CPS Corporate & Public Strategy Advisory Group was established in January 2000, in Belgium..  

CPS is the recognized leader and pioneer in public affairs consultancy on EU-Turkey relations and Turkey-oriented international matters; providing strategic, legal and financial consultancy services within Turkey, the EU and the US.

Based in Brussels, with liaison offices in Washington DC and in Istanbul, CPS provides cross-border and global solutions tailored to clients' needs, including early warning mechanism and crisis management, representation of clients' interests in Brussels and Ankara, coalition building, sectoral assessments and analysis of EU negotiation process, EU financial opportunities, EU trade policies and practices.

CPS has a wide range of clients in areas such as industry (motor vehicles and aftermarket, iron & steel, chemicals, furniture, paper, construction products) pharmaceuticals, financial services, transport, food & beverage, employment, environment, tourism. Read more >>

About CPS

Turkey, in accession negotiations with the European Union, is at the center of a historic and highly intricate process.

Understanding the implications of this process is of vital importance to all stakeholders, from multinational corporations to regional businesses to public institutions and non-governmental organizations. Read more >>

Starting Corporate Public and Strategy Advisory Group in the year 2000 was a double challenge...

In our monthly newsletters, you may find the current issues on EU policies, Turkey-EU relations, editorial analyses and comments.

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